Why Tailor-Make?

felsam StitchingFit is the most important aspect of style. Antonio Centeno from RealMenRealStyle.com says: “If a garment doesn’t fit well, none of its other characteristics matter — it’s not going to look good on you.”

So I ask you: Do your clothes fit? Do you want them to fit better? Here’s how:Go to the tailor and get your cloth cut according to your size.

Few men and women fall exactly into a specific clothing size, and while these small differences do not matter for most clothing, for an outfit to look good, it is imperative that it fits perfectly. Anyone considering buying an outfit should schedule a trip to the tailor and plan accordingly.

Felsam Designs Tailor MakeMany people assume that they already know their measurements. While most men’s clothing sizing is based on inches and does not very from brand to brand, women’s sizing can be vastly different between designers.

Most men and women also assume that their size is relatively stable when in fact, a person’s size can shift over time. Because a perfect fit is so important for any outfit to look good, always get measured before buying that dress, suit or pair of shoe.

At Felsam Designs, we take measurements for free. This will ensure that any clothes purchased from us will fit as well as it possibly can, and this makes it easier for our tailors to do a good job.

A bespoke outfit that has been custom made by our tailors is considered a mark of luxury and will always perfectly fit and flatter the wearer. A tailor made dress doesn’t have to be expensive. A man or woman considering a custom suit will be pleased with the results. At Felsam designs, we cut your cloth according to your size both pocket wise and body wise.